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OMG THEY TASTE TO GOOD! Zoganics Organic Beverage & Herbal Supplements!

Amazing Flavor!  Think of it as Health in a bottle! I got these in the mail and it is actually something we really needed!  I had been drinking Crystal Lights water flavoring, but realized that it contained a lot of chemically based components! I stopped using this and my water intake dropped drastically!

Water is so important to your guts health and what I do love about Zoganics is that it comes in PACKETS! This means I can carry them everywhere with me and add them to my water bottle, or my water when I go out to lunch with friends and family.

I always just order water while I am out, but I so miss the flavor of a good drink!  This has helped in so many ways!

My water intake has risen!! WooHoo!  My nutrient intake has gone up too!  I feel good about adding this to my water as it is Organic and made with all healthy ingredients.  No PHYNELALALALALALALA or what ever it is!

Give these a try!  They come in a box of 15 and the flavors are a hit!


Product Info!

Do you find it sometimes challenging to get the nutrients your body needs, especially when you're on the go? If you could fuel your body with all of the organic vitamins and minerals it'd take to stay energetic, with a boosted immune system and optimum digestion... Zoganic supplements are 100% organic, healthy and great-tasting. Created after years of dedicated research on optimum nutrition, the Zoganics Supplement blend simply mixes with water. For a concentrated burst of nutrition, drink it down in one sitting. For sustained refreshment throughout the day, put Zoganics in a water bottle or jug and take it without to sip throughout the day. Best yet, Zoganics is a 100% non-GMO, gluten-free supplement solution that will get you the results you are after!

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