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Baby Tooshy Cloth Diaper Covers with DOUBLE Gussets


You’re a parent, which means you’re busy. You have your hands full, so you need things to be simple, which is why you're looking into Baby Tooshy Covers. You've heard great things about them, plus they’re so darn adorable! Well, congratulate yourself on finding the best Cloth Diapers Covers. THIS is an excellent purchase of two diaper covers - here's why:

-You get two diaper covers - one with a pattern, and one that's embroidered with the text: Cloth on my Bum, Breastmilk in my Tum, Sleep with my Mum. They have double PUL and double gussets, which makes them great for heavy wetters/ overnights or blowouts. Some diaper covers leak through the cover itself, or through the legs, but not your Tooshy’s.

- Use them from infancy to potty training. They are adjustable on the waist and the rise so you can use them as soon as baby gets home, up to toddlerhood.

- They are versatile and can be used in any diapering system. Use them with inserts, flats, prefolds, whatever you already have. Simply separate them when you change baby, wipe and reuse the cover if it’s still clean.

- They’re low maintenance. Only wash them when they are dirty in cold or hot water. They need not be tumble dried because they can dry laying flat, but they’re durable enough to withstand continued washes.

- They are perfect for traveling because you need less diaper covers. They’re also flat and trim so they travel easy and baby won’t have a bulky fit. .

Baby Tooshy’s are Perfect Gifts for Baby Showers, and come with a 100%, Manufacturer’s Guarantee. If you are not completely happy, simply return it for a refund, no questions asked.

You and your baby deserve the best Cloth Diaper Covers. Take advantage of this offer by clicking the ADD TO CART button above. Or save by buying 2 Sets (total 4) and get 10% off. The more you buy, the more you save! Amazon automatically discounts, no coupon necessary.

Baby Tooshy Cloth Diaper Covers are Waterproof with a Double layer of PUL (to prevent leaking through the cover), plus Double Gussets to prevent leaking through the legs. They're ideal cloth diapering accessories because they are a comfortable, trim fit, and adjustable around the waist and the rise, which means you can use it from newborn to potty training (6lbs-35lbs). They fold flat and take little space in your diaper bag.

Your Tooshy's will complement any diapering system - use with flats, prefolds, diaper inserts, fitteds, home-made inserts, etc. The Double Gussets AND the Snaps are the same color as the diaper, (not white, which means no poopy stains on white). Double gussets offers advanced leak protection by containing blowouts and leaky poops. (Please always ensure your flats/ inserts/ prefold diapers etc. are tucked in).

Baby Tooshy’s Reusable covers Need Not be replaced between changes, (like an all-in-one/ aio baby diaper). They’re an organic shell that's easy to separate, and simply wipe and reuse. This saves you money because you are (1) reusing the same diaper cover whenever possible, (2) which means less covers to buy, (3) less laundry, and (4) because they can dry quickly by simply laying them flat—no drier is necessary.

Baby Tooshy Covers are available in a set of 2—one cover has a pattern, the other has “Cloth on my Bum, Breastmilk in my Tum, Sleep with my Mum” embroidered on it. Your Tooshy’s Snaps are secure and durable, and cannot be opened by a toddler (like they can with Velcro straps/ fasteners). They can comfortably stay in your diaper pail or wet bag until wash day. Tooshy’s are strong and durable and will last from one child to the next.

Easy to care for - Your Tooshy's can be rinsed with a diaper sprayer IF necessary and washed with mainstream detergents like Tide or cloth diaper detergents. Your Tooshy’s come with a Manufacturer’s Money-Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee. Buy more than one set and enjoy an automatic discount. Scroll down and see the description for more details.

Blue Momoco iRON AND WOOD Jewelry Tree!! So Cute!


This is an adorable wood and iron jewelry Tree to Organize and Display your Jewelry!! It looks great on my dresser, and now I can easily see my favorites and wear them more often.

**Keeps Necklaces and Other Items Organized

**Unique, Classic Design

**Features a Fun Tree-Like Design

**Perfect for a Bedroom Display or Small Business

**Keep your Jewelry and Small Items Organized and on Display with an Iron and Wood Jewelry Display.

UNIQUE STYLE FOR THE HOME: The combination of solid wood and iron branch design makes for a beautiful, show stopping piece in any home. Show off your style in a bedroom or anywhere organization is needed in your home.

ORGANIZE ALL YOUR JEWELRY: Featuring multiple realistic-looking branches, there is plenty of room for all your jewelry to be organized on this jewelry tree. Keep all your items on display and easy view and select.

ADDS AN AIR OF WHIMSY: Organizing your jewelry should be a fun experience; this beautiful jewelry tree does just that. With realistic-looking iron branches with hooks and a wood base, it is the perfect display of your unique personality.

WELL-MADE DESIGN: Constructed of dark colored iron, the “branches” of this jewelry tree will hold all your necklaces with ease. The solid wood base is the perfect natural, solid accent to the piece.

MULTIPLE USES: This jewelry tree is a great display piece for a small business or shop and is also ideal for personal use. Use it to display any small items in your home that you want to show off to guests and family.

Let's get Furious about taking care of ourselves! Knee Support Sleeves


My teenage son suffers from Fibromyalgia and AMPS and more.. he can be walking and his knees just give out on him and he crumbles like a scarecrow. I feel bad for him because his knees give out and he stumbles and looks like a drunk.  I thought the knee sleeve would help him support the knee's so he is less likely to be bothered by his knee's giving out on him.

so far so good! I mean we  never know when his knee's will give out on him, but it seems to be helping him. He says he feels like his knees have support. I only bought one to try it out, but since it seems to be helping him I think I need to buy another one.

Premium Knee Compression Sleeve for Sports Activities & Arthritis Joints Support

Our Innovative Knee Sleeve with breathable fabric will help support your sport activities such as Crossfit, Gym activities, walking, Running, Hiking, Dancing

Cycling, Golf, Squats, Judo and intense sports such as Football, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Roller skating, Weightlifting, Wrestling, MMA etc.

Why Buy FuriousFitwear Knee Compression Support Sleeve?

When you buy our Premium Knee Compression Sleeve, you can be Rest Assured of the following benefits:

- Fashionable, Stylish, Durable, Light weight and Comfortable Knee Brace for Superior Comfort throughout the Day

- Anti-Slip Technology - It doesn't roll, slide or slip down due to Double Silicone Wave Knitting providing the best grip

- Right Optimal Compression to Support Knees for challenges e.g. Inflammation, ACL , MCL, PCL, arthritis, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, muscle pain

joint inflammation or joint pain, meniscus tears and other knee joint issues due to professional grade fabric and 3D Weaving Technology

- 4-way Compression Stretch Capability for full range of motion, protection and superior comfort

- Suitable for all age groups to support joint and muscle recovery through better blood circulation

- High Performance Washable, Breathable and Fashionable Fabric (68% Polyamide, 8% Spandex & 24% Latex)

How to Choose Your Right Size?

Bend your knee slightly and measure your thigh circumference 4 inches above the kneecap mid-point.

If your measurements are on the upper limit, buy a larger size. If a tight fit is desired, buy one size smaller.

SMALL SIZE - 14.5 to 17 inch

MEDIUM SIZE - 17 to 19.5 inch

LARGE SIZE - 19.5 to 22 inch

Buy Furious Knee Compression Sleeve Confidently with Our 60-Day No Questions Asked Warranty!

#FuriousFitwear #FuriousFitwearBrand #FuriousFitwearFitness #FuriousFitwearKneeSleeve

Leader Accessories Auto Brand *Solid Black Cloth Seat Covers Set


Well, the installation instructions are on the plastic bag that the seat covers come packaged in. This makes it very hard to read the instructions since they are on the clear plastic bag. I kept having to put them on my parents white car hood so I could read the instructions. That being said, even though the guide says easy to install... it is NOT easy to install! I have installed seat covers before and these were really hard to figure out with the directions being so vague at times.  MORE SO ON THE BACK SEAT

The head rest covers did not fit my cars head rests at all...

The front seat covers were pretty rough to install since you had to pull the elastic tabs through from the front to the back to stretch it out and clip it. Now, when it was all done... those front seat covers were NOT going anywhere! They did not slide around or shift in anyway!  I had been worried that once I sat down and slide over in my seat, that the whole thing was going to move and pop off. NOPE, Never Moved!  Thats the plus to this brand!

Now, with the back seat I had a LOT of trouble figuring it out, and once I got it to fit my seat, I reaslised that the zippers were going to be a problem.  People sliding over into the back seat wearing suits or nice dresses, the zippers run a huge risk of catching onto the fabric.  I thus did not keep them on my car. I also did not like all the straps that were showing up on the back of my seats.  It just did not look good in a high end car.. straps everywhere!  And of course, the head rest covers did not fit my cars headrests.

(I drive a Ford Flex)

This sets measurements indicates that it fits my car.

The directions were so vague and confusing at times.

BUT, the front seats covers I put on did not move a bit when I sat down and slide around like I was in the winter olympics.

**Due to installation requirement, please ensure your headrests can be detached before buying this set


Seems to be made of a high quality fabric that would hold up to some wear and tare.

Front seat covers are very secure and do not move at all


Headrest covers do not fit any of my headrests

Instructions are silk screened on the plastic bag the product comes in

Instructions are confusing at times

Zippers on the back seat construction could cause damage to clothes when sliding over.

Back of seats look cheap with all the straps showing

**Fits over solid rear seats and 50/50,60/40, 40/20/40 split rear seats

Airbag compatible and Machine washable. Constructed from durable and breathable polyester with 3mm foam backing

Easy to install, no professional experience required. Instructions included

Seat covers set: Includes 2-piece low back front seat covers with airbag compatible , 1-piece style split bench cover. 5 separated headrest covers

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BOTH My Parents went into the Hospital with week of the 15th with PNEUMONIA

Well.. its been hectic!  I made this video that week to let you know why I was MIA and its been so hectic that it is just getting published now.

That week I had taken them both to the doctors, and both had chest xrays and came up clear! How the heck my Mom came up clear I have NO CLUE since she sounded like she needed DRANO!  Both got put on antibiotics, and both seemed to be doing fine... then BAM! They both woke up the next day feeling crappy. Dad had been back to the ER twice in that week and they kept telling him he was clear and to just finish his med's he had been subscribed.  I knew they were not coming home that day.  Mom was so weak feeling.. Dad not as bed visually but complaining he was dying all the time **which he does often***

I know he is a drama queen and this in a way kinda sucks, because one day he will really be in trouble and after all the years of drama over nothing we will ignore it and he will poop out.

Anyway...both have pneumonia. Mom has it way worse than Dad does AND Mom's anti-rejection medication has done some kind of damage to her lungs.  She has an appointment with Pulmonary to do some testing to figure out what that damage actually is.

For those of you who are going to tell me I look CRINGE and CRAPPY, well this is what a week of no sleep looks like.. this is what it looks like when your parents are dying and you are helpless to do anything but stay by their side.

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MS SUCKS..Furious Fitwear Instant Cooling Towel Can Help You Lead A Bett...


If you have MS *Multiple Sclerosis then you know ALL about the over heating issues that can ruin your day! Once you over heat, your body is finished for the day and you will end up in bed resting... recovering from an over-heat!  With the Furious Fitwear COOLING Towel you can stop the heat in its tracks.. Once you feel it coming on, get your cooling towel/towels out and on your body.  Cutting it off, before it gets out of hand has been my way of beating some of MS's Monsters that bring me down.  This cooling towel really does get cooler after you snap it about a bit!  I used a  industrial thermometer to see what was really happening.The price makes it easy to own more than one, and having a few to put on your wrists and your neck is the ultimate way to go.

I love the sound of the name FURIOUS FITWEAR, as it makes me feel strong and powerful.  And we need to be powerful in order to beat the diseases that attack our body.

That being said.. this towel would also be great to use with your workout! Cooling yourself down allows you to do more... Last Longer..   It is amazing!

ONE COOLING TOWEL WITH SO MANY USES - Enjoy Outdoor Games without Heat Stroke Worries - Stay Cool during any Environment by Quickly Removing Body Heat - Ideal for Keeping Body Icy Cold in any Hot Environment

INNOVATIVE TOWEL WITH MANY BENEFITS - Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones from Heat, Limit Body Heat during Workouts, Gym, Sport Activities and Use it for Sun Protection during any Outdoor Activity - No More Worries While Playing Outside

IDEAL GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION - People Love it Because it is Innovative, Quick-Dry, Breathable & Machine Washable, Chemical Free, Eco-friendly & Reusable Towel - Perfect for Athletes, Therapies, Heat Stroke Prevention, Sunscreen Protection etc.

WET, WRING & WRAP FOR ICY CHILL - Wet the Towel, Wring the Excess Water, Wrap the Large Microfiber Towel around the Body to Get Quick Arctic Cold Feeling

BUY CONFIDENTLY - We will work with you until you are fully satisfied as Furious Fitwear Products are always covered by 60-Day Hassle Free Warranty     #FuriousFitwearInstantCoolingTowel

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900 Piece Multicolor BLING for Cards, Scrapbooking, Crafting and more...


Sold by Sorrento Crafts

HIGH QUALITY GLUE USED ON THE BACK -- 900 self adhesive Rhinestone Sticker sheet 300 3mm 300 4mm 300 5mm with high quality glue.

CAN USE FOR MANY PROJECTS -- Scrapbooking Sticker, card making DIY sticker High reflective multi facet shape for maximum reflection

VIBRANT COLORS MAKE IT STANDOUT -- Mixed 10 colors: Clear, Red, Orange, Amber, light green, green, lake blue, light purple, purple, light pink, pink, light blue, blue, black and AB clear

ECO FRIENDLY MATERIAL -- Acrylic Diamond Rhinestone for your scrapbooking, card making DIY project

100% MONEY BACK HASSLE FREE GUARANTEE -- Any issue, send us an email, we will send you a replacement or full refund immediately



On first opening the box I see a unique product design with delicate lighting that is very easy on the eyes. This product is great for when you need a little bit of light, but not so  much light that it wakes you up. or the baby up.  It is bright enough for you to see everything, but not so harsh that your have to squint your eyes from the brightness.

I like that you can hang this light, or use it sitting on the table. For children's rooms too... I like their cute idea that you can pretend with your child that they are performing magic by turning on this light!!  So CUTE!

It has its own little hanging loop and padded footing so that if you do decided to hang it on the wall, it is not going to damage your wall in any way.

Very nice! Even my teenager wants it! So, this light has appeal for all ages.

**********Brand Story About Magic Q Light:**********

The inspiration for this Magic light comes from love!

Michael, a professional home-lighting manager, became a father recently when his wife gave birth to baby Lily. Just like all other babies, Little Lily needed to be fed when she was hungry, even at midnight. Michael and his wife always had to wake up to pacify her during the night. They found that the light was a bit too harsh once they switched it on, especially for little Lily in the cradle.

‘Why don’t we make a lamp which won’t be too dazzling in the dark,’ Michael thought. Michael immediately started work on this idea. After many tests and developments of this new lamp, the Magic Donut eye- protection light was ready. It has three levels of brightness, adjustable remotely, and a convenient charging port.


Product Material: PC+ABS

Battery Capacity: 2600mAh

Color Temperature: 2900K

Luminous Flux: 3-325Lm

LED Power: 0.03-3.9W


Life span: 50000 hours

Battery working time: 4-100 hours (depending on brightness)

Working Temperature: -10℃-50℃

Color Index: 83-85

Product Color: White

Charging mode: USB 2-3 hours

Package include:

1 x Magic Lamp

1 x USB charging cable

1 x User manual

✔ KID'S DREAM COME TRUE---Every kid has a dream to be a magician, and use their unique powers to make this world more fantastic. This amazing HAND SENSOR LAMP can make them feel like they’re in a magic world. It is a PERFECT gift for your kids, to SHOW this MAGIC world. imagine that when they open and use it, how happy they will be!

✔ EXTREME INTERACTION WITH LIGHT---Three Brightness Levels: DIM, SOFT, and BRIGHT white light. Put your hand over it WITHIN 25cm, and the light will adjust its brightness automatically; you can FREELY choose the brightness you need. (Notice: Please wave your hand over the light within 25cm to turn it on/off. No other object should be above the light within 60cm)

✔ CORDLESS& LIGHTWEGIT AND PORTABLE---The CUTE DONUT design makes it perfect to place anywhere. The CORDLESS lamp lets you walk around with it in the darkness. The lamp can also can be hung up as a WALL LIGHT with the ring in the bottom of the lamp, which can hold up to 5 kg. This portable smart LED light can be used for relaxing, when travelling, in the living room or bedroom for reading, and as a kid’s night light.

✔ EXTRAORDINARY QUALITY---36 LEDs are evenly located in the lamp, which generate the soft, eye protecting light. Charging with a micro-USB usually takes 3-4 hours, and will √∂ast for 3-120 hours after a complete charging (depending on the brightness used). With a premium motion detection function, this lamp can be used as a nightstand lamp. You can stop struggling to find the light switch in the dark, since a simple hand gesture will turn this deluxe motion-sensing lamp on.

✔ PERFECT GIFT---You can take this PREMIUM WIRELESS SENSOR LAMP anywhere, like your patio or porch, and impress everyone with this futuristic and innovative lighting accessory. It’s the best gift for your kids, family and friends. It is perfect for your child's bedroom, to help them read their books or to find their way at night without having to disturb others. 3 YEARS WARRANTY!

Im in LOVE with my new Blue Monaco Woven Top PVC Leather Jewelry Box

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I can honestly say that I love this jewelry box!  For years I have had a wooden box that has stained glass doors... YOU KNOW THE TYPE! I feel like my necklaces were LOST in there, and actually forgot about most of my pieces of jewelry that I had loved dearly.  Switching from box to box was like a walk down memory lane, and now pieces are more so at my finger tips!  A great change in my life!  Its beautiful AND has a hidden hiding space too!

Keep all your Jewelry Safe and Secure with this Jewelry Box.

A beautiful display item, this jewelry box is a the perfect place to store all your jewelry. Organize each piece in the perfect place and keep it safe and secure in this beautiful, stylish box.

Organize every piece of jewelry in this beautiful jewelry box, from necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings. The sky is the limit to your stylish, chic jewelry storage.

Product Details:

2 Piece Set

Made of Black PVC Leather

Chic, Stylish Woven Top Design

Organizes all Your Jewelry Pieces

Keep Rings, Necklaces, and Bracelets Organized

Large Capacity to Hold Multiple Items

Features a Stylish, Beautiful Design

Perfect Gift for Teens or Women

Organize and Keep Jewelry Safe with this Beautiful, Large Jewelry Box.

Elm Cove'S Black Utensil Organizer For Your Countertop! Modern and Classic

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Keep your Cutlery Organized and Clean with this Classic Black Utensil Holder.

Whether you’re hosting a party or just enjoying a family dinner, a utensil holder is the perfect addition to keep things organized and easily accessible.

Everyone has to eat, why not enjoy your meal in style? This utensil holder, with its fun silverware-inspired design, add some whimsy to every eating occasion. Whether you need to organize your everyday utensils or are hosting a party, this item will keep it all together.

Product Details:

6.25” Tall x 4” x 4” base

Made of Black Metal

Easy to Use, Upright Design

Holds all Your Utensils or Cutlery

Great Organization Tool

Fun Silverware Inspired Design with Forks and Knives

Use Indoors or Outside

Great for Families or Entertaining

Organize utensils and cutlery with ease, using this classic, chic utensil holder.

Blue Monaco Purple Rose Cutout Desk Set made my desk HAPPY!

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Keep your Desk Looking Great and Organized with a Metal Floral Office Set

So far, everything that I have bought from Blue Monaco has done nothing but make me happy!  This desk set is so cute, but also so functional.  Heavy duty construction for ever lasting desk organization.  A purchase you will be happy you made.. Well I am happy I made it.  My desk LOVES me again!

*An organized desk is a happy desk, and you will be beyond thrilled with this three piece set sitting in your space. Featuring a unique floral cutout design, it will bring fashion and function into your home or office.

*Quality metal construction and lovely design go hand in hand with this beautiful three piece office set. You’ll be organized and feeling great about your productivity in no time.

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made of strong metal and coated in paint, this set is strong enough to hold all of your office and school supplies. Whether you’re using it at home or in the office, this stylish set can fit all your needs.

FUN, STYLISH DESIGN: Organizing your desk at home or at the office should be an exciting, fun experience. This desk organizer set features a whimsical cutout floral design that brings enjoyment into your space.

KEEPS YOU ORGANIZED: A messy desk can prevent you from being productive; this organizer set will help you to put everything where it belongs. Keeps pens and pencils at hand and mail organized and even has a space for sticky notes so you can be productive and organized all at once!

THREE PIECE SET: This is a set of three items that will keep your desk looking great while also staying organized:

1 pen or pencil holder;

1 upright letter paperwork holder with 3 compartments;

1 large sticky note holder.

BEAUTIFUL AND FUNCTIONAL: This beautiful, classic three piece organizer set will look great sitting on your desk. Better yet, it will inspire you to organize all your paperwork and items with ease!

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So, today we are bombarded with this is good for you.. that is good for you.. Then next week the same food has now before BAD for us! It has become so confusing Above is just a cute and silly video from a cartoon sandwich type a cartoon.. I'm not sure if he is a piece of meat or a hotdog or WHAT!

Anyway, I love bread and I have some fond memories of coming home from school each day and eating bread, usually with some butter on it, or peanut butter. Just sitting there relaxing once I got home from school. It seems like I ate bread when I got home every day! I would eat a can of bean with bacon soup and bread with butter. Man I loved that!

Today I still love bread, and enjoy a sandwich now and then. I love how you can bring a sandwich in the lunchbox and feel like your satisfied for the whole day. My son's also pick P B and J sandwich over many other options! I would miss it if bread disapeared off the face of the earth for some reason.



3D Printer Pen Filament BUNDLE 25 colors FUN PACK!!


3D Printer Pens allow you to dream out loud!  Think it.... Design it.. Make it!!  With practice, you start to learn how to create statues of most anything! First you have to put in the support strands, and build off the support strands. After a while, the techniques start to come natural to you and your ideas can flow right off your fingers.

On Youtube, you can find so many videos teaching you how to make different items, and teaching you the basics. Once you learn the basics, you can expand your dreams right in front of your eyes!  Getting a HUGE BUNDLE package of 25 colors was the best gift I have ever given myself!  I have so many new ideas now!

TO BE CONTINUED.... cant wait to show you what I make!

3D Printer Pens let you follow your hearts dreams... Do what you like! Dream it, make it!

• This is a group of young people carries the dream flagship brand.

• "Emphasizing details, Pursuing perfect" is our business objective.

• We pursue excellent product process and 100% customer experience!

• Your support and feedback are the driving force for us to move forward.

Ever had 3D filament get stuck in your pen or printer ?Are you tired of 3D filament clogging when printing and a strong smell of it ?

Trust me, it's the worst... And it takes FOREVER to unclog. This used to happen to us all the time in our work, so we decided to do something about it - and we've finally created the smoothest, brightest, and strongest 3D filament around!

Focus on creating art instead of wasting time fiddling with low quality filament.

We know you are ambitious and enjoy working on large projects. Stop worrying about running out of filament. We provide you 640 feet of filament so you can get the job done.


Weight: 0.6kg

Dimensions: diameter 1.75mm (0.07 inch)

Length:10 Meters (32.8ft) each roll

Quantity: 20 Rolls

Material: PLA

Compatibility: 3D Printing Pen and 3D drawing pen and 3D painting Pen

Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

We pride ourselves in having excellent customer service. If you aren't happy, for any reason, we offer a no questions asked 90-day full refund.

25 Colors

*** Filaments Let Your 3D Drawing Become More Amazing, Funny, Attractive, Creative !



Pale Blue






Rose Red



Pale Green



Transparent Blue





Fluorescent Yellow

Friday, January 20, 2017

Bitelegant French Press with LIFETIME WARRANTY **So Easy!


20% OFF Code ~  QUG5EUSY copy and paste this code to get 20% off your new French Press! Ends January 31, 2017
Save time and money with this visually stunning French Press Coffee Brewer! Its so easy to use, and cheaper then Keurig too... You have the best cup of coffee in about 5 Minutes!
At Bitelegant we pride ourselves in bringing the best quality products to our customers.
- THE HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCTS made from highest grade components!
 - LUXURY DESIGN to fit your kitchen. It is the best gift for coffee and tea lovers
 - PRACTICAL DESIGN WITH SUPER FINE MICRO FILTER for the best coffee taste from our French Press coffee brewer
- LARGE 34oz CAPACITY, you will have your morning cup and enough coffee to carry for the day just in few minutes
- SUPER VALUE of an additional three spare filters and an easy measure coffee spoon
- LIFETIME WARRANTY for worry-free purchase Get one now for a piece of mind French Press coffee maker and start enjoying your best cup of coffee right away!




Size ; 5 x 5 x 6 inches

Requires 2XAA batteries (BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED)

Cat Automatic Stealing Money Box + coin purse

Mechanical kitty steels and saves your coins!

This ADORABLE Kitty just wants your Money!  Kitty is so sneaky and shy... Place your coin on the plate and Kitty comes out and steals it!

You can just press the plate, and Kitty comes out to steal your coins!

I Love this!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

$6 ;-}Sexy Chic Luminous Moon Love Heart Necklace! Amazingly Beautiful!

Luminous Moon
**Using above links gives me credit through Amazon!  Please use these link if you buy!
The more light the necklace gets, the brighter the heart shines! I put my over the lamp for a few hours to get a nice bright glow.  It was hard to get it to show up on camera but it has a nice glow!  Even without the glowing... this necklace is sexy and chic and has a FANTASTIC PRICE!
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

LOVE AT 1ST SIGHT AND SOUND!! {{Riwbox IN5 Headset}}


I think it might have been love at first site!  These headsets looks so amazing, and high-end!  I would have expected them to cost so much more, but was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable price they are charging. First off the look is so eye catching!  I got the while and gold pair!  My son wants the black and gold set! The looks is just amazing!
Now getting to the sound quality! The bass is amazing!  The sound quality is just so crisp and real...  The ear piece has a huge L or R inside the ear piece that is so easy to see!  No searching for a little L or Little R with this set!!  The ear piece is so cushioned and soft.  My son says they hurt his ears after a while, but I am hoping that it will stretch out for his big head!  The ear pad cushion is about two inches thick!  The headband also has a huge padding!  The headband is about I inch thick and so comfy.
The top thing I LOVE about this headset it the plug is removable That means if you break the cord, you can have it replaced.  ITS REMOVABLE!

Riwbox IN5 headphones is a high definition stereo headsets with 40mm high fidelity drivers, delivering unique sound performance, provides more exact and natural sound than traditional stereo and a major step forward in the modern listening experience
Over ear noise isolation pads: The ear cushion is made with protein, high soft elasticity, can be completely isolated from the outside noise when it cover ears, keep your skin feeling soft, comfortable and breathable, very suit for a long time wearing
IN-LINE Mic / Control : Riwbox D2 tangle free braided audio cable with safe transport without bending your cable when storing your headphones in folding position. Single 3.5mm jack: no hassle with cables around your neck with a single 3.5mm jack input provides easy and secure usage. Omnidirectional microphone built for last technology makes a strong and durable audio headphone. You use it listen music, working, study or make a calling

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Jazz LOVES her new Kavallerie Horse Anti Slip Saddle Pad


I bought the Seat Saver style saddle pad! As you can see in the video Jazz has no indent on her withers, where as with my other saddle pads when I take it off you can see an indent in her withers where the saddle was hurting her.

With the Kavallerie Seat Saver Gel Saddle Pad on, there was no indent from the saddle which means Jazz was more comfortable! Also the saddle did not slip!   I would buy this pad again and again because my horses deserve to be comfortable when they are being ridden.

Whether for dressage, eventing or any other equestrian activity, every rider deserves a comfortable saddle pad, as well as your beloved horse.

Kavallerie Non-Slip Gel Saddle Pad is designed to ensure maximum protection, comfort and stability for both the rider and the horse.

Anatomically molded to infill withers where there is minimal of muscle cover, our saddle pad naturally conforms to any saddle shape making it flexible for use with all types of saddles. Ergonomic gel mold prevents the saddle from slipping off when riding with maximum comfort for both horse and rider for optional functionality.

Unlike other horse saddle pads, ours contains shock-absorbing ReiterGel technology to absorb impact, lowering the chance of injuries caused during riding while retaining its form even after prolonged use. Air-thru perforated structure of the saddle pad allows excess heat to escape and for cool air to freely pass through to prevent overheating and discomfort when riding.

Never have to worry about injuries, discomfort while riding, your saddle pad breaking apart, slipping off or leaving sores on your bottom or on the horse’s back.  Choose Kavallerie equestrian gear.

Tradition and history are ingrained in the spirit of Kavallerie, but we are consistently innovating cutting-edge technology to separate ourselves from the rest of the competition. Since day one, we have incorporated 3 key elements into every product: protection, comfort and utility for both horse and rider. Our main priority is you and your horse's safety without compromising comfort and practicality. We are constantly striving to exceed the expectations of current riders and lead the way towards the future.

Excellence in Motion

UNPARALLELED COMFORT AND STABILITY: Kavallerie Anti-Slip Gel Pad has both the welfare and comfort of both the rider and the horse in mind. Designed to ensure maximum protection, comfort and stability for you and your horse. The soft, cushioning effect from the gel material adds a cloud-like layer of support when riding. ANTI-SLIP MOLD AND FIT: Created to infill high withers where there is minimal muscle cover and requires development. The unique shape of this saddle pad also allows for natural compression that conforms to the saddle's shape, making it usable with any type of saddle. Four different versions available depending on your need: front, middle, rear riser and air release. BREATHABLE,SWEATPROOF PERFORMANCE: Air-perforated ReiterGel allows excess heat to escape and cool air to flow through which prevents overheating and discomfort for both horse and rider. As the horse's hair easily heats up, keeping the horse and rider cool is critical when riding, especially during performance and eventing. SHOCK-ABSORBING GEL TECH: Our saddle pad utilizes a specialized gel technology, ReiterGel, which absorbs shock upon high impact to prevent unwanted injuries and pain from extended periods of riding and performance. Without a shock-absorbing saddle pad, most horses sustain pain and injuries associated with the back. EASY TO WASH AND MAINTAIN: This saddle pad can also be machine- and hand-washed with just a bit of detergent. After, simply lay flat over a smooth surface to dry. Only one size available, but can also be easily cut to fit smaller sizes.

Amazon Link:


BYE BYE IN THE CAR! Safetybelt/Tether for your pets saftey


High quality nylon material dog safety belt/tether that supports both small and large pets, resists tears and fraying.

This restraint tether for your vehicle is adjustable, the length is from 17.5 to 32 inches and allows your pet, to sit, lie down or stand freely during your trips.

**Keeps your pet safely restrained and secure in car while driving and Fantastic for long travel trips!

**It is also suitable Large canines!

Does your Piggy wear a harness??  This tether is great for your Piggy too!


ONLY USE WITH A HARNESS!  - Do not attach to collar directly since it can cause choking or neck injury


*INNX canine harness tether has swivel snap clips without a fuss and prevents strap from twisting,

*1 inch metal seat belt tab compatible with most vehicle seat belt receptacles. {Please check your seat belt receptacle of your vehicle seat belt size before purchasing}


I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Buddy is so HAPPY that we ar finished cleaning his teeth!! ME TOO!

This is video two of me cleaning his teeth... he is SO happy when we are finished!  He actually seems happy!

{{So, my Buddy has really bad teeth issues...  He gets so much plaque in about three months time.  I personally can not afford to get his teeth cleaned every three months, so I decided to try cleaning his teeth myself.

I bought this one.. its under $10 and like it better than the $20 set I bought


I have a friend who is a dental hygienist and she gave me pointers on how to do it.

Now... this all depends on how cooperative your pet is, and your patience.

I personally have found that my dog gives up after a bit... when he realizes that I am not giving up.  He relaxes and lets me get it done.

Its not easy.. and you have to take your time.

How to clean your pets teeth! Plague Removal and more!

So, my Buddy has really bad teeth issues...  He gets so much plaque in about three months time.  I personally can not afford to get his teeth cleaned every three months, so I decided to try cleaning his teeth myself.

I bought this one.. its under $10 and like it better than the $20 set I bought


I have a friend who is a dental hygienist and she gave me pointers on how to do it.

Now... this all depends on how cooperative your pet is, and your patience.

I personally have found that my dog gives up after a bit... when he realizes that I am not giving up.  He relaxes and lets me get it done.

Its not easy.. and you have to take your time.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Pimples??? YES!! Neutralyze Your Acne with NEUTRALYZE!

My son tried Neutralyze and after a week we started seeing a huge difference!  His pores seem smaller...
Based on our multi-patented, science-inspired NITROGEN BOOST® SKINCARE TECHNOLOGY, Neutralyze® is clinically proven to noticeably improve your moderate to severe acne in just a few days - no prescription needed.
Finally, an OTC treatment for moderate to severe acne that REALLY WORKS!
STEP 1 - Face Wash - Clears Away Dirt, Oil and Bacteria - Leaves Your Skin Feeling Refreshed, Rejuvenated and Hydrated
STEP 2 - Clearing Serum - Dramatically Reduces Acne in as Little as 2-3 Days - Fades Dark Spots and Corrects Uneven Skin Tone - Minimizes the Appearance of Pores, Fine Lines and Wrinkles
STEP 3 - Synergyzer - Reduces Redness and Irritation to Visibly Improve Complexion - Significantly Enhances the Overall Condition of Your Skin.Contains All Natural Ingredients to Prevent Over-Drying.
**In a recent clinical study, Neutralyze® Anti-Acne Solution was found to have a 95% effectiveness rate. Many participants suffering from moderate to severe acne (who have previously tried several OTC products without getting any positive results) have reported seeing a significant improvement in their overall acne condition in as little as 2-3 days!
 * Neutralyze® Face Wash (3.3 Ounce), Neutralyze® Clearing Serum (1 Ounce) & Neutralyze® Synergyzer (1 Ounce) * Free Gift: HQ Luxury Microfiber Facial Towel * 1% salicylic acid / 1% mandelic acid * For moderate to severe acne; pimples, blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads, cystic acne, acne scars and post acne marks
* Prescription strength results without the doctor
* For light, medium, or dark skin tones; OK for sensitive skin
 * For teens and adults, men and women
* For face, chest, back and body
 * Non comedogenic, fragrance, paraben and cruelty-free
 * Dermatologist recommended
* FDA Registered, GMP Certified Manufacturing Facility, Made In USA
* 30 Day Supply
* 100% Money Back Guarantee

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Does my dog wear pink taps shoes? What do you buy your dog?

Its so funny how much my dog loves to watch TV!  I sit here working on my computer and I look over at him and he is watching the television. He knows when commercials have Doggo's in them and he is sucked in.

What's really funny is my parents have a 60 inch TV and Buddy seems to go nuts when there are dogs on the huge screen!

Anyway.. First I bought him blue snow boots online. First set TOO BIG! Second set.. still to big. I mean they fit but he walked right out of them. They did not come any smaller so I them searched for other options.

I bought him socks with treads on them. Figuring that at least the socks would protect his feet from the snow and icy weather here in Pennsylvania.  This seems to work, but I can tell that if he is out side there for a bit he starts to feel the cold. 

He tends to take longer to use the bathroom in the colder weather as he can not smell what ever it is that helps him go to the bathroom. {{Yes, he smells and smells around until he finds the right spot! Sometimes he takes about ten minutes to find that special spot!}} <~~ Annoying but I LOVE him!

So, if you have the answer to the winter footwear for dogs... comment below the video!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Buena Skin has so many Yummy Scrubs!! Brown Sugar?? Ohh YES!

I'm in love with the company Buena Skin. Their Spirulina Scrub..It has green tea and man you can see the moisture affects of this product even before you get out of the shower! My skin felt so SILKY and healthy.

It shimmered from the moisture ... I love how soft it made my feet too. My son used it too, and he has terrible terrible dry skin on his feet to the point where he can not stand to be without his socks on. it did an awesome job on his Yeti Feet!!

The Spiraling is naturally good for your body... I use it in my shakes and smoothies. But now you can attack the bad with spirulina from the outside too!!
I highly recommend this product... your skin will thank you!! The person in bed with your dry feet will thank you too.
Add the newer product, Brown Sugar Scrub... it has the same lovey affect on your skin!! Shimmery moisture! The smell that floats through the air while your showering is AMAZING! I honestly love this company!

Buena Skin #BuenaSkin Beautiful Skin Scrub-Ba-Dub-Dub in my Tub!

Buy me here
Store Front

I'm in love with the company Buena Skin.  Their Spirulina Scrub..It has green tea and man you can see the moisture affects of this product even before you get out of the shower!  My skin felt so SILKY and healthy.

It shimmered from the moisture ...  I love how soft it made my feet too. My son used it too, and he has terrible terrible dry skin on his feet to the point where he can not stand to be without his socks on.  it did an awesome job on his Yeti Feet!!

The Spiraling is naturally good for your body... I use it in my shakes and smoothies.  But now you can attack the bad with spirulina from the outside too!!
I highly recommend this product... your skin will thank you!!  The person in bed with your dry feet will thank you too.
Add the newer product, Brown Sugar Scrub... it has the same lovey affect on your skin!! Shimmery moisture! The smell that floats through the air while your showering is AMAZING!  I honestly love this company!

Buena Skin #BuenaSkin Beautiful Skin Scrub-Ba-Dub-Dub in my Tub!

Buy me here
Store Front

Friday, January 6, 2017

Beautiful Bra Travel Bag and Travel Bag Carry-All Bag!! PINK/BLACK/PokaDots

Traveling to a hotel??  Never let your Bra's and Panties touch those nasty drawers again!! One bag perfectly fits your Bra's and the other is a hanging carry all bag! 6 separate sections for you to fill up with your personal belongings.  Hang the one on the back of the bathroom door at your hotel so you have your necessities at an arms length. Toothbrushes, Toothpaste.. Make-up, deodorants and floss?  Anything you take with you never needs to touch the drawers again.

Personally I love that you can hang the one of the back of the door and have all your needs right there with you in the bathroom. 6 sections in the hanging bag, and 3 in the bra organizer.  The bra organizer is so HUGE, you can fit so much more than just bra's in there!  In the large section, I put my bra's and underwear, AND my socks and stockings

Travel Bag for your Bra's

B&C Travel Cosmetic Bag - A MUST HAVE when travelling!

Keep all your cosmetics, makeup, grooming, toiletries and accessories organized on your trip.



Product Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 7.5 inches

B&C Premium Large Travel Underwear Organizer Bag – bigger than any other!

Women’s travel bra & underwear organizer – is the one of most important pieces of travel gear for frequent travel lady!

You should be always sure that your bras and panties are stored in the clean and secured place.

No need to unpack your delicate underwear on to dusty hotel drawers!

Sometimes people use a standard travel packing cubes to keep and store their underwear garment. But this is not the solution to store women’s bras on traveling!

Your bras and underwear deserved a special, well thought organizer, which meet all your needs!

With our amazing B&C Large Travel Bra Organizer you will be able to keep all your personal delicate items and essentials with more room to spare!

product dimensions: 14” x 6.5” x 5.25”;

3 zippered compartments with more pockets inside;

durable water resistant material – polyester

REAL BIG SIZE: Travel-friendly B&C Travel Bra Organizer has a size, favorably differ from other ordinary bra organizers, offered on Amazon: 14” x 6.5” x 5.25”. It can fit up to 6 bras 38C or even more!

PRACTICAL AND STYLISH DESIGN: This underwear storage bag has 3 zippered compartments. In the main big compartment, you can store your bras or other bulky items. The top small compartment is ideal for panties. It has 3 wide additional elastic pockets to organize them well. In the bottom, small compartment, you can place your socks or your night travel slippers or any other small items.

VERSATILE AND MULTI-FUNCTION: This travel organizer is ideal for the ladies, which are travel a lot. Your underwear will be always stored in the clean and secured place. No need to unpack your delicate underwear on to dusty hotel drawers! Visiting the gym? – Use this organizer bag for your sport clothes, underwear, socks and shoes!

WELL MADE AND DURABLE: All B&C Underwear Storage Bags are made of sturdy 600D polyester with nice and tough zipper. It will match all your expectations.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Only when ordering from - 'GRIA Lifestyle' and if you are not 100% satisfied with the bag quality – you’ll get a free return within 30 days.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Nutro Essense Treats your body like Family! Colon Cleanse & Liver Cleanse Does a...

Colon and Liver Cleanse is a gateway to a healthier you! Helping your body do what it does every single day of your life is appreciated by your body and your body will reward you will feeling better, more energy!
People here Colon Cleanse and are horrified, but its not a life shattering deal.. People imagine hours on the toilet and cramps and EWWWwwww..  Its not all that! For me, its just daily life and feeling better.
Helping my body to do what it does every day, colon cleanse and liver cleanse is just the right thing to do. And I feel the rewards!
When I do not do it, I feel the bogged down intestines crying for help!
**Promote Optimum Digestive System Function
** Detoxify and Cleanse Your Body
** Boost Your Metabolism
**Lose Weight And Increase Your Energy Levels
Have you been looking for an easy way to lose these extra pounds and get rid of toxins? Nutro Essence provides you with the most powerful and advanced colon cleanse on the market!
Our highly dedicated brand has your well being as its primary goal and we hope to build a long lasting relationship with you and your healthy body!
Premium Quality, All Natural, 100% Safe And Incomparably Effective Formula  This top notch colon cleanse detox is made in the USA and it is GMP certified and FDA approved, assuring the highest quality. It includes all natural ingredients that feature powerful antioxidant properties such as Acai berry fruit powder, Aloe Vera leaf powder, Ginger root, Papaya fruit powder and more!**In addition, it contains no preservatives, fillers or additives and it is 100% organic and eco-friendly. Enjoy Countless Health Benefits**
The Feeling Of Wellbeing This intestinal and liver cleanser and healthy weight loss supplement will help you lose weight at a faster pace by boosting your metabolism. Moreover, it will allow your body to fully absorb all the nutrients and vitamins that are being processed by your gastrointestinal system and liver too. In addition, it will increase your energy levels and it will effectively prevent constipation and eliminate free radicals, leaving you feeling active and healthy. Our high quality products are backed by a 60 days money back guarantee!


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What is SEO?? And how can it help you get Google to Move you to the head...

Do you own a blog or a website that doesn't seem to get any traffic?
Are you selling an online product which doesn't get any customers? You're not alone. Read below. Most people today give up on their online journey after some time because they do not see any results.
No one visits their website and no conversation occurs on their written articles. This, in turn, demotivates them. Well, we all have been through that stage, I have been through that stage. But, instead of giving up, I looked for a solution.
The solution for this problem is to start doing SEO on your website!Now, you can either wait for nights and days for the angel to come and tell Google and other search engines about your website. Or, you can take responsibility and understand that no angel or tooth fairy will come to help you and eventually you need to start working for yourself.
 If you've used SEO before without any results, you may realize that it's really confusing and expensive. The problem is that most of the information out there is overly complicated and out-of-date. This is the reason why most blogs get very little traffic. Our book is simplified down to the basic level for every single person to understand
This book is an online blueprint to how I've been making money from my blogs for years.
What's Included in Our Book:
*What is SEO?
*On-Page SEO Techniques
*Off-Page SEO Techniques
*Content Marketing
*Social Media Marketing
*4 Different Keyword Research Tools with Our Personal Recommendations
*How to set up your First Ad on Google AdWords'

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Schwartz BioReseach Suppliments to make life better...

Schwartz Bioresearch Turmeric Curcumin formula was developed by professionals. It has 1500mg of Turmeric Curcumin with 95% Standardized Curcuminoids (maximum potency) and 10mg of BioPerine® ( Black Pepper ) for enhanced absorption and bio-availability.
*Superior Absorption
For increased absorption and bioavailability our Turmeric has 10mg of BioPerine® per serving, ( the most researched and trusted form of Black Pepper Extract ) which is proven to dramatically enhance your body's absorption of Curcumin. A must have for any quality curcumin supplement.
Each Lot is Extensively Tested
The potency, purity and content of each batch of Turmeric Curcumin are extensively analyzed by professionals before its release. The ingredients in our products are 100% natural, and we use no binders or fillers of any sort.
Made Only with Natural Ingredients

Schwartz Bioresearch Turmeric Curcumin is Vegetarian and Gluten-Free. Our supplement is FREE of lactose, soy, wheat, nuts, iron, sugar, chemicals and artificial colors.


Oaxaca Canvas Backpack, Unique and Cute!

Oaxaca Mexico is well known for its weaving patterns... This bag is reminiscent of Oaxaca Tribal Patterns. Its beautiful and Unique.

*Hand wash
GREAT LOOKING AND FUNCTIONAL - Enjoy the convenience and stylish looks of this cute, fashionable, lightweight and durable bag.
LARGE CAPACITY – This 16"x15"x6" day bag can easily carry your items for the day ahead. Featuring two external pockets for additional items.
UNIQUELY STYLED - With adjustable straps for added comfort. Perfect for student high school books, laptops, tablets as well as going to the beach, parks, picnics, weekend trips, holidays, shopping trips and days out.
REINFORCED STITCHING THROUGHOUT - Giving you piece of mind. This trendy, roomy bag is delightful to look at and tough enough for the rigours of every day use.
SUPERIOR QUALITY ASSURED - Makes a perfect gift for mum, sister, daughter or friends buy in confidence today and enjoy our 12 month no quibble warranty. GRAB IT NOW AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR 27% OFF LAUNCH SALE.




18X18 Watercolor Angelfish Zippered Pillow Cover

They carry decorative pillow covers for many different sizes of pillows! This one I got was for a 18x18 throw pillow, but when I went to their Storefront I saw that they had different sized zippered pillowcases. Many go along with the watercolor theme, and he wildlife theme.. but they also carry a wide variety of decorative designs.

*Made of durable cotton blend linen natural material
*Only one sides have images
*Both Personal used and gift.
They have a lot of watercolor's pillow cases, but so much more!

Vist their storefront below! They have a TON of unique covers and gifts!!

#throwpillow #pillowcase #sofapillow