Saturday, August 5, 2017

Asoonyum Brand is AWESOME! Soft and Comfy but powerful Compression!





These come in Small/Medium/Large and are super soft!  They do not bind like so many others that my son has tried do. These are comfy and stay right where they belong.  They do not have the silicone stays inside, but this is good, as the Silicone ends up pulling the hairs out of his legs!  He is loving these and they still look like new after several washings!


Compression socks for sprained ankle, Asoonyum sleeve supply the even pressure across your ankle joint, It's like plantar fasciitis night splint. The result is often a tender and painful heel, reduce pain particularly when getting out of bed after a night's rest.

High elastic compression in the ankle, Prevent accidental sprain. Our ankle supports are perfect for any activity requiring ankle movement - Ideal for Baseball, Basketball, Crossfit, Golf, Hiking, Running, Tennis, Volleyball, Jogging, Cycling, Soccer, Football, cleats etc

Seamless knitting Technology and Superior Material, Made by Ultra-Stretch Spandex, Breathable Nylon, and Super soft Lycra. avoiding the itchiness common to neoprene supports. keeps you dry all day throughout the night.

Injuries Recovery & Prevention, This wrap soft Lycra Design for relieving pain & discomfort, Achilles tendon, stress fracture, edema, splint, swelling, metatarsal, heel pain symptoms and Helps improve blood circulation, reduces muscle fatigue and pttd brace. especially long periods of time, or traveling Massage decompression.

What's in Box - 2 Pcs Socks and Breathable a Portable Bag in the retail box. Small/Medium/Large Adequate size for Men Women Youth Adult choose. But if your compression foot sleeves don’t fit, please let us know and we'll you a new size or give a refund.

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