Saturday, October 29, 2016

Air Fryer Recipe E-Boook

I stumbled upon this really neat E-Cookbook for the Air Fryer!!   The recipes are so quick and some are servings for 1, and others are for servings for 4.


2 large eggs

2 tablespoons of unsalted butter

½ teaspoon of vanilla extract

1 pound of cream cheese

1 cup of honey graham cracker crumbs


1. Cut a circle from a piece of parchment paper then place it in the baking pan ensuring that it fits properly.

2. Mix the graham cracker crumbs and the butter then press the mixture into the baking pan. 

3. Insert the baking pan into the fryer basket then slide it inside the air fryer. Press the roast icon on the air fryer. 

4. Adjust the cooking temperature to 350 degrees and the cooking time to 4 minutes.

5. In a mixer, blend the cream cheese then add the sugar. Add the eggs one at a time as you mix until the mixture becomes creamy. Add the vanilla extract to the creamy mixture then mix well.

6. Remove the fryer basket and pour the cheese mixture evenly on the graham cracker crust.

7. Return the fryer basket to the air fryer then press the bake icon. Adjust the cooking temperature to 360 degrees and the cooking time to 15 minutes.

8. Chill the cheesecake for 3 hours before serving

I love recipes that have few and simple ingredients!!   Even though I do not have the Air Fryer, I made this recipe in my pressure cooker oven.  A close runner up to the Air Fryer.   Yummy in Ramekin's

25 easy recipes!!    Pictures so you can see how your recipe should turn out!!  I always need pictures... 

 I hope they expand their recipes to other gadgets... I have a pressure cooker oven that needs a good cookbook.  

As you can tell... I love my Sweets!!

Happy Cooking!

Our K9 Mint No Bark Collar is life Changing for us!!! Vibrations

Bud has some major issues with barking and some biting... So far we see a huge difference with the Our K9 Mint Bark Collar.


Now he whines a little instead of barking.. kind of whimpers and walks away.  We are really loving this.   He has bit my brother, and my niece so far.  I'm hoping that less barking will mean less aggression.

Our K9 "MINT" Bark Collar for XS – Small Dogs. Pain Free Bark Control Training Collars.
✔ • PAIN FREE DESIGN - Uses Sound First then Vibration to provide safe training cues. This Collar Comes Fully Assembled. It has a Built in Change Battery Alarm which is a CONTINUOUS BEEP. The Collar CANNOT be set off by another dog, It works off Air pressure and NOT Sound. This is a Training Collar to assist you in Training Your Dog that Excessive Barking will Not be Tolerated.
✔ • ALL Our K9 No Bark Collars come with Comprehensive Users E-Manuals + Instructional and Training Videos. Your User E-Manual will be sent to you by E Mail. This will allow for Translation, enlarging font size, movement between phone, tablet and laptop. We do not put instructions in the box.
✔ • ALLOWS NORMAL DOG BEHAVIOUR - All Our K9 Anti-Bark Collars allow your dog to bark but NOT excessively. The first 2 Barks a Warning Sound is issued. The 3rd Bark, Correction is then issued. If you want your dog to be Silent do not buy an Our K9 Collar. THIS IS A SOUND AND VIBRATION COLLAR IT IS NOT A SHOCK COLLAR
✔ • CHOOSE THE CORRECT BARK COLLAR - Our K9 has 9 (nine) different Anti Bark Collars ranging from Toy (4 lbs.) to Large (100 lbs.) to ensure they fit and are correctly suitable for your particular dog needs. SORRY BUT THIS COLLAR IS NOT SUITABLE FOR A HAVANESE, DACHSHUNDS OR POMERANIAN.
✔ • ONE YEAR WARRANTY - Comes with a 1-year unlimited warranty and a 30-day risk free guarantee. ADDITIONAL GUIDES - Our K9 actively encourage all responsible dog owners to train their dogs correctly and included 3 extra dog training e-books free of charge.

Life Changing Our K9 Mint Small Dog No Bark Collar

Normally Bud would have barked and growled every time this poor man spoke... Not he is just hanging out relaxing.

#OurK9MintBarkingCollar seems to be working.  We have much less barking in the house, which is really nice.

Buy me here:    Its a really good price, and we saw results right away.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Metallic Unicorn 10 Piece Bartender tool Set

The most beautiful Unicorn I have seen in a long, long time...

The thoughtfulness that went into making this set can be seen in every piece!  One thing that BLEW MY MIND was the double walled cocktail glass...  double walled with COOLING GEL in between the walls to keep your drink cool. WOW, who does that???

Metallic Unicorn does!

The set does not come with the spec inside, so if your giving this as a gift, you need to tell them how amazing this really is.  Its the only thing Id change about the set... A little info in the box  explaining the specs of each piece.

Double Sided Shot Glass 1.5 0z and 0.75oz

Double walled, cooling Gel Filled Cocktail Glass

Four Pourers for your personal bottles

300ML Shaker with screen

Cork-Screw Pocket Knife Utility Tool

Two Drink Stirs, that are also STRAWS

Ten Pieces right under 40

A set you want to show off!!

Beautiful gift set!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Come take a Shower with me & Buena Skin 100% Pure Spiralina Scrub

So, I'm trying this all over body scrub with Spirulina in it and it s fantastic!  I'm in love with the company Buena Skin.  It has green tea and man you can see the moisture affects of this product even before you get out of the shower!  My skin felt so SILKY and healthy.

It shimmered from the moisture ...  I love how soft it made my feet too. My son used it too, and he has terrible terrible dry skin on his feet to the point where he can not stand to be without his socks on.  it did an awesome job on his Yeti Feet!!

The Spiraling is naturally good for your body... I use it in my shakes and smoothies.  But now you can attack the bad with spirulina from the outside too!!
I highly recommend this product... your skin will thank you!!  The person in bed with your dry feet will thank you too.

Buena Skin #BuenaSkin Beautiful Skin Scrub-Ba-Dub-Dub in my Tub!

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Eze Scoop Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have always wanted a scoop to drop my cookies with... I am not really sure why I never bought one, but I didn't! My cousin is a major baker, and she swears by this type of scoop! Making the cookies more uniform and professional looking.

Normally I start off with my cookies looking great, then I start to get tired and the cookies start to get bigger and bigger and at some point they run into each other and make a bar, instead of a bunch of cookies.

Using this scoop tonight made making the cookies more enjoyable for me.

I did not get tired and start spooning shovel size cookies to get them done

The cookies looked great

They were all the same size and cooked more evenly

Id be proud to show these cookies to my friends and family

Id even be proud to give them as gifts since they look so uniform and cared for.

They have a smaller size scoop too... which I want.

I make a lot of cookies at certain times of the year, and this will make it not such a burden.

Buy me here:

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

J2 Line Set of Towels Good for Tiny Houses, Hiking, Camping and more

These little towels really SUCK!! They suck the water right off of you! Hahahahahahahaha Even my Dog enjoys them. Honestly they really dried my body very quickly, and thoroughly. Great for camping, excellent for hiking and really a good idea for #TinyHouses The size I bought is Size: Set 52"x28" and 28"x14"

You can find these towels here!!

travel towels, camping towels, quick dry towels or hiking towels #CampingTowels

I put their description below

Our j2 Line MAS Towel Personal X2 travel towels are made of ultra-soft microfiber. They can absorb moisture which exceeds the towel's weight a few times. After that, it quickly wicks moisture away for fast-drying comfort!

This premium bundle provides 2 high-quality exercise towels, a large one (27"х51") (70cm x 130cm) and a small one (14"х27") (35cm х 70cm) for the face, hands, etc. Both are Micronet towels of super-soft microfiber which were designed for:

✔ Absorbing wetness much better than cotton;
✔ Wicking & drying much faster;
✔ Appeasing & cosseting your skin;
✔ Always keeping you comfortably dry;
✔ Protecting you from grime & germs;


Take your J2 microfiber towel set to the gym or studio and you'll definitely get a sweat-free comfort during the whole training. You can use the small travel towel to wipe your face and the large one to wipe your body. Besides, you might use one of these gym towels to clean sweaty gym equipment. Very soon you'll notice that even after frequent uses, these fitness towels will dry very quickly, so you'll be able to use them again and again!


No need to use those hotel towels. You really should take this microfiber towel set instead and you'll definitely get true pleasure from their softness after every bath or shower!


Anywhere you'll go, this fit towel will bring you a lot of satisfaction. You may even use it for cleaning some mess around the house.


Your camping towel can resist fraying & traveling because of its reinforced banding. Anyway, they're guaranteed: if you have any reason to return our product for exchange - you don't need to ship it, we'll just send you a free replacement. That's why you don't take any risk at all.

ORDER NOW this NEW camping towels

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sterline Super Sonic Toothbrush will make you laugh, cuz it tickles??

OH BOY!! This Super Sonic Toothbrush is fun and exciting... But it spits like a mad Cobra!!!  No one wants to clean up this stuff everyday.  This brush, although really powerful, and truly Super Sonic, it is also very very messy.  Anytime you open your mouth to re-position your toothbrush the splatter matter is way to much!  You can see from my battle of the toothbrush video, that Piazanos pants have weathered the brunt of this spitting storm.

One thing I noticed when I tried this toothbrush was, that when it accidentally hits your teeth, it HURTS. Im thinking that it is a bit to Super Sonic!  I see chipped teeth in the companies future.

He enjoys the whole crazy vibrations thing, but being a 16yr old, he is not going to want to be cleaning up the whole sink area a few times daily, and if he leaves it a mess we will be fighting!  Im not dealing with that daily.

His major option, is to brush his teeth in the shower, or restrain himself never to open his mouth while he is using this brush, OR turn it off each time he wants to spit, or re-position this brush.

Two toothbrushes battle it OUT!! WILL THE 3 Headed Super Monster Win,or ...

Two Toothbrushes... Same Household!! Both New and Top of the Technology Chain Toothbrushes!!

One is a @TripleBristle Triple Bristle Three Headed Monster Toothbrush!!  The other is a Super Sonic Spitting Cobra!!


We join our two subjects who live their lives with a camera... Brushing their teeth on Camera for some would be a NO NO, but not these two!!

Subject one has her Triple Bristles, three headed Super Monster Toothbrush!! This sucker looks so different!! Yet... I think she likes it!

Subject two, well he has his Cobra... As you can see in a blog post, the Super Sonic is quite the SPITTER!!

Is this brush so orally challenged and untrained that its spitting will be the death of it???  Who wants to clean up daily from a spitting cobra??  NOT ME!!

And the WINNER IS.....

COME SEE MY 3 HEADED TOOTHBRUSH! #TripleBristle Triple Bristle's PATE...

So, I tried this new #TripleBristles Toothbrush, and the very first day it was a bit weird to get used to such a different type of a toothbrush. I used it daily so far for four or five days and its become normal to me now! It is kind of relaxing if that makes any sense...

You place your toothpaste along the line where the two main brushes meet and turn it on and go! Straddling  your teeth, or the sides of your tongue, but you can also brush the front of your tongue too.  Its not to harsh like some Super Sonic Toothbrushes are, and Ive used it on the high setting.    My son is using a whole other breed of toothbrush and he tried this brush as well and really likes it.

Compared to his new toothbrush, this toothbrush comes out the Champion!!!
My next video is a brief Toothbrush War!!!  

You will see why #TripleBristles The Three Headed Monster Beats Super Sonic the Spitting Cobra!!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Physical Therapy with the Blizetec Foam Roller

Blizetec Foam Roller, for PT and or Massage

Buena Skin Facebook Video *END OLD LADY SKIN

#BuenaSkin #BetterButter Your skin will thank you!  My most un-favorite part of getting old is when I noticed that my neck was starting to look OLD!  This 100% Pure Organic Shea Butter Deeply Hydrates your skin, and you will see results right away.  My neck looks amazing, my cleavage also shows age... I do not want to have old lady skin between my boobs, and this really hydrated my skin. I woke up the next morning, and I STILL felt the hydration!  Link in case you would like to check it out! Amazon link

I love this!

Buena Skin's 100% Pure Organic Shea Butter.. NOT YOUR MOMMAS SHEA BUTTER!!!

This is not your Momma's Shea Butter! You will be shocked at the huge difference this Shea Butter imparts on your skin... Your skin will thank you!

#BuenaSkin #BetterButter Amazon Link

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bud helps again...This necklace is so beautiful, the internet pics do no...

I ordered this and did not expect it to be so beautiful! Bud tries it on... but he thinks it will look better on me.

Buddy is there to help when FOOD is envolved!!

Buddy is ready to help me rice these sweet potatoes and white potatoes! He sure loves food!  Hes a doggie Foodie

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

My personal #review of the Savvy Infusion Water Bottle! I find that I drink More and More water when I am using the Savvy Infusion. The water tastes great, and I can switch it up with different fruits.

Savvy Infusion and Teenagers

#review of Savvy Infusion fun

Buddy LOVES Savvy Infusion!

take # 998 Buddy the Rescue Pup doing his #review of the Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

Savvy Infusion and Buddy... His thoughts

Buddy the Rescue Pup doing his #review of the Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

Buddy with Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

#review of Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

WonderEsque Spiralizer

#review of the WonderEsque Spiralizer! So far the tops in the spiralizers I have reviewed

French Press Coffee Maker

A #review of the Simple Press French Press Coffee Maker...  Beautiful Art for your coffee

VIVA Lavender Essentials OIls

A #review of Viva Lavender Essential Oils

Finishing up the Fruit Roll Ups

Finishing up my  fruit roll ups!

HOLDS HALF A GALLON **Continuon Incontinence Overnight Pads Review

A silly review of Continuon Incontinence Overnight Pads, They hold a lot of liquid, maybe enough room for your baby elephant!!

Clever Creations Snowman Flag w/ Let It Snow

Clever Creations created this cute 12x18 Garden/Yard flag. High Quality, sealed edged for a longer lasting yard flag.

Review of Chenille Mitten